Product Updates 9/5/2020

The Updates

A quick summary of what has been deployed to AIDA today.

  • Admission Dashboard UI Changes
  • NEW Archive Feature
  • NEW Assignment Feature
  • Terminology Update: "Ready to Admit" now "Accept"
  • NEW 'Booking' Notifications

Admission Dashboard Overhaul

We appreciate all of the wonderful feedback we have received on how we can improve your experience. With help from the community, we present to you a fresh look: Woohoo! You got tabs!

We heard that having one long list of referrals was not very helpful. Instead, you will now be able to quickly go to the referrals that are the most important to you. They are segmented by the response you give. The brand new referrals that were just sent by a Discharge Planner are located in the 'Awaiting Response' tab and will be the default tab you land on when you first begin a session.

You are still able to filter the referrals as you did before, and you will notice that the numbers indicating how many referrals are in each tab will change based on the filter you apply. You may also notice a little red badge on some tabs, this indicates that you have an unread message within that tab.
As part of this change, there are two other features that are included. These are detailed below.

The NEW Archive Feature

Previously, when you clicked the button 'Remove Referral from Dashboard' it would permanently remove the referral with no way to retrieve it. You now have an Archive! You are able to archive referrals, at will, following an initial response to the referral. Any referral that is in the Admitted Referral tab will automatically move over to your Archive after 7 days.

You no longer have to worry about clicking that remove button, because the referral will simply move over to your Archive tab instead of being gone...forever! Now, as long as the referral remains active, the Discharge Planner will be able to update you of any status changes.

While in the Archive, you will also be able to unarchive any referral. If you do, the referral will return to the tab with the last response you gave.

You should know, you have a powerful tool in your hands here! You will now have files and records indefinitely due to this Archive feature.

There are only two statuses in which you will lose access to a referral's files and records, both of which are dictated by the Discharge Planner. The first is if the Discharge Planner cancels the referral. The second is when the Discharge Planner discharges the Patient from AIDA to a Care Provider other than yours. 

Even when these statuses occur, you will still be able to access the Patient's full name, MRN, and other metadata. You will also be able to retain your internal notes. If you are the Care Provider to whom the Patient was discharged, you will not lose access to the files and records.

Lastly, when you use a filter on your Admission Dashboard, that filter will also apply to the Archive. Does the Patient's name on that new referral strike a bell? Use the Patient Name Lookup filter and see if you have any in your Archive. Or any tab for that matter!

The NEW Assignment Feature

We heard through the grapevine that you want fewer notifications. Now, you will only receive notifications for referrals to which you are assigned! There is one exception; any new referral that has not been responded to yet will notify everyone whose contact information is in the Communication Preferences. Said another way, referrals in the Awaiting Response tab will continue to notify as they did previously, but once responded to, only the individual(s) who are assigned will receive further notifications.

By default, the Admission Dashboard will continue to show ALL referrals regardless of who is assigned. This feature mostly helps in specifying to whom AIDA should send notifications and for you to be able to more readily isolate referrals that you are monitoring.

The first user to respond to the referral will be the de facto assigned. You can change the assigned person to this referral at any time or add more users to be assigned. After a response, however, there must always be at least one user assigned to the referral.

Due to this change, you have available a new filter option, allowing you to see only those referrals assigned to a specific individual.

Terminology Update: "Accept"

We may not be "Ready to Admit" it, but change is a good thing.

We have heard from many different stakeholders that the terminology "Ready to Admit" can create some confusion for certain workflows. As such, we are moving away from that terminology. You will now see "Accept" as a possible response informing the Discharge Planner that you are able and willing to begin service for a patient on a specified date.

We are learning how to "Accept" change, too.

'Booking' Now Sends Notifications

Previously, when a Discharge Planner booked a discharge, only the status changed on the referral for the Care Provider who was selected. Now, when this feature is selected it will inform all of the Care Providers that this Patient has been booked. The particular Care Provider that was selected will be notified that they have won the referral.

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