December 2020 Product Updates

The Updates

A quick summary of the updates in AIDA since the last Updates article

  • Text change for Login button on main AIDA website
  • Text change on Sign-Up page
  • Menu item text change: "Edit Provider Profile"
  • New Referral Notifications update
  • Email notifications no longer contain "#" as part of the AIDA-ID

New button on the main website

Now, on the main website ( there is a blue button on the top of the page that says "Login / Signup". Previously, this button had some text that was more specific, which resulted in confusion for some users in recognizing that this button was for all users to log in to the AIDA platform.

Clearer Description on the Sign-Up page

We have heard that the language used when trying to sign-up for your business is not clear enough. We have updated this text to help make it more clear. Instead of saying "Select your Care Provider" it now says "Search for the business you wish to register with using its legal business name".

Edit Provider Profile section in the Menu

We changed the text of one of the options in the Menu to facilitate your understanding that there are multiple pages that you are able to access to configure your Provider Profile. By clicking the new, "Edit Provider Profile" option, you will see a subset of options, each offering different ways to configure your profile.  

Note: Communication Preferences allows you to define the means by which AIDA will contact you about referrals. For further information, read the How does AIDA's New Referral Notifications Work? article to understand the timing of the AIDA contacting procedure.

Note: Catalog Details allows you to personalize your Provider Profile with photos and indicating the types of services, levels of care, and other noteworthy aspects of your business! You can review what your Provider Profile looks like by navigating to the "Preview my profile" option.

Note: Intake Questionnaire enables you to identify the types of needs that a patient may have which you are generally able to accept. This section allows you to provide a match percent of a patient's needs compared to what you select that you are typically able to provide. This means more referrals that are relevant to you!

New Referral Notifications

Now, when you receive an email notification from AIDA for a new referral, one to which you have not yet responded, you will see the following text:

"Tip: Respond within 72 hours or AIDA will show your response as "No Response / Declined" and the referral will be automatically moved to the 'Declined' tab. For best results, respond with 'Interested' immediately and then review the case fully before making a final decision." 

We want to make sure you know how AIDA works and that you are not surprised if a referral moves from your Awaiting Response tab to the Declined tab.

The "#" symbol no longer in email notifications

When you receive an email notification from AIDA, the notification does not include any Personal Health Information in order to maintain HIPAA-compliance. As such, the AIDA-ID number was included in the email notification so that you could identify which patient or case to which the notification was referring. Previously, the AIDA-ID number proceeded with a "#" symbol. We have removed the "#" to make it easier for you to simply copy and paste the AIDA-ID into AIDA or elsewhere. Specifically, the AIDA-ID filter does not accept the "#" symbol and, if included, would result in an error in your attempt to filter. This should now occur much less frequently.

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