Update the Payers that you can Accept!

We heard from a little birdie that you wanted to define the payers your organization can accept. 

Now you can! 

To ensure that you receive referrals with payers that you typically accept navigate to the Catalog Details page. In the Menu, go to "Edit Provider Profile" which will then display subset pages, one of which is the "Catalog Details". Click on this option and scroll to the "Choose Payers" option.

In this section, there is a field and you simply just need to begin typing the carriers that you accept and select them. 

For example, if you accept Cigna plans, then type "Cigna" and select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu that appears. You can add all the carriers that you accept in this field.

This will help ensure that the referrals you receive are relevant to your organization because you are more likely to accept the payer. 

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