Multi-Organization Dashboards

Do you have multiple facilities, locations, or homes that you are managing the receipt of referrals? If so, you can have access to multiple organization dashboards connected to your account.

At AIDA, we call the name of each facility, office, agency, or home an " organization". You, the  user, have an account that is accessing an organization's  Admission Dashboard. Due to this, you must solicit access from the organization, just like you did when you originally signed up. However, it is a little easier this time around.

How to add another organization to your account

First, you log into AIDA using your existing account.

After logging in and while on the Admission Dashboard, in the menu click the green "Add / Manage Multiple Care Providers" at the bottom. You will then land on the Manage Multiple Care Providers page. 

On the Manage Multiple Care Providers page, you will first want to select the state in which the additional organization is located. Then type the legal business name of that organization.  
Reminder: This is a keyword search, and AIDA will highlight the words you type. You also need to be sure you are searching for the legal business name on the license, including any special characters.
Click the "Confirm" button once you have selected the correct organization.

You will then land on the Request Confirmation Code page, where you may request a 4-digit code to either the phone number or fax number listed on the business license. The 4-digit code only has a 30-minute limit before the code expires and you will need to request another.  
Note: If you have an automated call system that answers calls first, the call option will not work -- one robot talking to another robot, they don't seem to communicate all that well. 
Lastly, once you have obtained the 4-digit confirmation code, enter the code in the appropriate field and click the "Submit" button.
You will now have access to multiple Admission Dashboards; one for each organization!

Additional information on multi-organization dashboards

Now, when you log into AIDA, you will have the option to choose which organization's dashboard you would like to enter.
Once you have landed on an organization's Admission Dashboard, you can quickly swap between organizations. Simply click the button just below your name at the top-right of the page and change organizations. It's that easy!

Managing your organizations

You can always add more organizations, delete organizations that you have (un)successfully requested access, or switch between organizations to which you have access. 
Simply click the same "Add / Manage Multiple Care Providers" option in the menu. On the Manage Multiple Care Providers page, you will be able to "Remove" any organizations that you have attempted to add, or switch to their Admission Dashboard by clicking "Login".
You can also request a new 4-digit code for any organization that you attempted to add but was unsuccessful in obtaining the code within the 30-minute time limit by clicking "Confirm".
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