Individual category printing for Patient Records!

Individual category printing for Patient Records!

Now, when you navigate to the Patient Records interaction, you will be able to choose which categories you would like to print. This feature will enable you to select only the parts of the Patient Records that you want to print instead of being required to print the ALL of the Patient Records.

This change will also help with any printer rendering issues that your system may have as your system will not be required to render all of the Patient Records at once, rather you can select which categories you would like.

How does this feature work?

When you open the Patient Records interaction, the 'Print' button remains where it was, but you may notice that it is not greyed out by default. This is due to the toggles that you can now see in each category. If you toggle to "Yes" then that category will be available as part of the print job. Said another way, "Yes" means that you can print that category.

Just below the 'Print' button, there is a "Check All" if you don't have any categories selected to print. Or you can "Uncheck All" if you want to quickly reset all the categories to "No". 

Once you have checked the categories you want to print, click the 'Print' button and your system will render the documents into a PDF so that your system's default print dialog box appears where you can confirm the print destination.

To be clear, the more categories you select the more time your system is going to require in order to render the documents. For quickest printing, select only the needed categories. You will be able to see a spinner to indicate that your print job is rendering. 


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