Care Provider Type Categorization

Categorization of Care Provider Types

AIDA has previously categorized each Care Provider Type into a single category, 'Care Provider'. As AIDA has grown, we are supporting more and more Care Provider Types. What this means is that AIDA’s architecture is needing to change slightly to facilitate the nuances that occur within the transition of care process. 
As such, AIDA now distinguishes between Admission-based Care Providers and Service-based Care Providers. Here is the breakdown:

Admission-based Care Providers

Service-based Care Providers

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Home Health Care Agency (HHA)
Adult Family Home (AFH) Hospice (HSP)
Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Dispatch Health (DH)
Inpatient Rehabilitation (IPR) Durable Medical Equipment Supplier (DME)
Critical Access Hospital (CAH Dialysis Facility (DLYS)
Long Term Care Hospital (LTCH) Transportation (TRAN)
Psychiatric Hospital (PH) Pharmacy incl. Infusion (PHARM)
Swing Bed Unit (SBU)
The categorization of the Care Provider Types plays an important role in how Discharge planners will be booking with you. More on that below!

Keep a lookout for Bookings!

‘Booking’ is now easier than ever for Discharge Planners! This is an important step for you and for Discharge Planners, as this step will let you know if the Patient has selected your organization to admit them or provide service for them. Once a Patient has been booked with you, you may now begin the prep work to begin providing the appropriate care for the Patient. 

‘Booked’ tab

When a Discharge Planner books with you, the referral will land in your new 'Booked' tab.  This will help ensure that you can keep your bookings straight!

'Booking' Notifications

When a Discharge Planner books with you, AIDA will send a notification of this occurrence, letting you know that you have a patient booking with you and that you can now begin the appropriate prep work. 
Also, AIDA will send notifications to Care Providers that have responded to the referral when a booking takes place. You will not know to whom the Patient is booked, but you will know that the Patient is booked with a different Care Provider. of a booking even if they were not the chosen Care Provider to be booked with. 

Booking Cancelations

It happens from time to time where plans change. The Discharge Planner can cancel a booking if such a need arises. So, until you see the status “Discharge to a Different Care Provider”, it is possible that you may still be requested to provide care to the Patient if the plans change.

‘Confirm Admission’ step

Due to the categorization of Care Provider Types, we are now able to more accurately request a step from particular Care Provider Types. If you find yourself in the first column above, “Admission-based Care Provider Types”, then you have one last step: Confirm Admission.
Only Admission-based Care Providers will be required to 'Confirm Admission', which is the last and important step in the workflow. After discharging the Patient, AIDA will send notifications to the appropriate Admission-based Care Provider, letting you know that you must Confirm Admission for the Patient. 
You will be able to complete this step in your 'Booked' tab. This action will capture the ultimate admission date ensuring that the Patient has transitioned to the appropriate place and on the correct date. Also, completing this step will ensure that you can retain the clinical documentation that accompanied the referral. 
Service-based Care Providers do not need to ‘Confirm Admission’. After discharging the Patient, the referral will simply land in their ‘Service Started’ tab – which is new too!
If you, an Admission-based Care Provider, deny admission – this can be accomplished by intentionally selecting the 'Deny' button or by not responding to the 'Confirm Admission' prompt for seven days – then the Patient will return to the Discharge Planner’s plate for reconciliation. Essentially, this part of the workflow serves as a fail-safe so that patients don't "fall through the cracks".

We are researching meaningful ways to capture service start data for Service-based Care Provider Types, but this is not yet available.

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