Product Updates: June 2021

June 2021 Release Notes: Backend Services app, Organization Switcher, and Intake Questionnaire updates

Welcome to AIDA's release notes! Last month we were hard at work developing a new app that will make your life easier. In addition, we want to make sure those of you using AIDA Pro can switch between your organizations more easily.


Backend Services app

AIDA's Backend Services app is a new app available to customers who use AIDA's Epic app. AIDA's Epic app allows customers to pull patient information directly from their EMR, Epic, into AIDA -- called "Patient Records" -- without the need to upload documentation. What does the Backend Services app mean to you? It means for referral sources that use this new app you will have more timely updates to Patient Records, as AIDA will update specified records on a regularly recurring basis automatically. In addition -- following the approval of the customer -- you may be able to request automatic updates from within AIDA. This means that you don't have to request the Discharge Planner to update, rather you can update them yourself with a click of one button!

New Features:

  • AIDA can now update Patient Records automatically on a specific timeframe
  • You can now request Patient Records from your end and AIDA will automatically update Patient Records without requesting from the Discharge Planner -- as long as the referral source has enabled this feature

Organization Switcher for AIDA Pro

AIDA Pro is our newest product where a Care Provider can gain access to the Discharge Dashboard toolset, Team management tools, and Analytics. It is currently in its beta testing stage and only some customers have access to this product. We appreciate your willingness to test this product with us! As a result of your testing, we were informed of a feature that would be an efficiency booster. Well, we have added it! Now, you will be able to change to a different organization that you have access to regardless if you are on the Admission or Discharge Dashboard.

New Features:

  • Switch to a different organization no matter which dashboard you are on

Intake Questionnaire updates

Last month, we added a few new questions to the Intake Questionnaire. The Intake Questionnaire is designed to help you: 1) understand the patient's needs and characteristics so that you can more quickly make a decision on if you are able to accept the patient and 2) inform the Discharge Planner and Patient what traits you are generally able to accept so that you receive more referrals that are relevant to what you are able to manage. The Intake Questionnaire is found in the menu under the 'Edit Provider Profile' section.

We recently added the following questions:

  • Can you provide Community and/or Inpatient Hospice?
  • Can you provide palliative care?
  • Can you accept patients that weigh over 500lbs?

Take a look today to ensure that your Intake Questionnaire is set up appropriately!

Your monthly bug report

We continue to squash bugs! Pest control is an area that we focused on quite a bit last month. We resolved over 20+ bugs and are looking to exterminate many more this month!

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