What are Patient Records?

Patient Records are...

...clinical notes, orders, flowsheets, and other records that AIDA has helped the Referral Source standardize into a single packet. For Referral Sources where their electronic health record ("EHR") system is integrated with AIDA, AIDA can pull in these records without the Discharge Planner needing to manually upload or compile a referral packet. Rather, the Discharge Planner simply adds the patient into AIDA and AIDA does most of the work. This helps keep things nice and neat with the referral packets that you receive.

You might have additional questions such as: Which referral sources use Patient Records? How do I access Patient Records? Can I view Patient Records online/virtually? Can I print Patient Records? What is the difference between Patient Records and Patient Files? Let's jump into these questions below!


  1. Referral Sources use Patient Records
  2. Accessing Patient Records
  3. Viewing Patient Records
  4. Printing Patient Records

Referral Sources using Patient Records

Current Referral Sources for whom you will find the referral packet through Patient Records:

  • MultiCare
  • PeaceHealth
  • Skagit Regional Health
  • Confluence Health
  • CHI Midwest

More are coming soon too!

Accessing Patient Records

To access Patient Records for a new referral, simply click the red ‘Respond’ button. Or if you are looking at an existing referral, click on the green ‘Review / Update’ button to find Patient Records.

Viewing Patient Records

Patient Records are separated into different categories of records, including the Facesheet, MAR, H&Ps, etc. You can click on the title of each record category and AIDA will reveal to you the contents of the category.

Printing Patient Records

If you want to print the Patient Records, you can now select individual categories that you would like to print. Or you can select all of the Patient Records!

Patient Files

It is possible for there to be additional files or forms included with a referral. As such, it is always a good idea to check to see if there are any stored under Patient Files too.

To distinguish between Patient Records and Patient Files, the primary difference is if the AIDA automatically pulled in records from the referral source's EHR -- Patient Records -- or if the Discharge Planner created a form or uploaded particular files manually into AIDA -- Patient Files

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