How do AIDA’s Notifications work for Admissions?

All Notifications that AIDA sends out are HIPAA-compliant and therefore do not contain any PHI. As such, they inform of certain statuses or updates associated with AIDA-IDs. You will need to log into AIDA to fully understand the full context of the notification.

For Care Providers, you receive Notifications informing you of a new referral on their Dashboard and will continue to receive notifications of this new referral until you respond. Additionally, you will receive notifications if you have any new messages from Discharge Planners, as well as changes in status for referrals in which you have expressed interest.

For Discharge Planners, the notifications inform them if they have received a directed message from you, a Care Provider, and if any Care Providers have responded with “Interested” or “Accepted”.

You may update where these notifications are sent by going to the Menu and under ‘Edit Provider Profile’ selecting “Communication Preferences”. Within Communication Preferences, you may update the existing lines of communication. Note: the first line of Email, Landline, and Fax may not be deleted and if you would like to update this line, you will need to write over the top of the existing number (this is not true for Cell Phones; you may completely remove all Cell Phone numbers if you desire).

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